Past Life Regression


Letting go of the past is liberating. Taking a journey into your past lives through hypnosis can be very healing and liberating. By re-visiting a life or lives that your soul has experienced, you can release and let go of old negative behaviourial patterns and emotions that are so deeply rooted within you. You can also release physical emotional pain, illnesses or grief that has been stuck within you, sometimes for centuries.

​Often unexplained fears and phobias can be traced back to events in our past lives such as a fear of water when you have drowned in a past life, or an eating disorder linked to a time when you experienced starvation.


However, you may just decide to experience Past Regression out of curiosity to find out who you were once upon a lifetime!

"The concept of reincarnation explains and clarifies our present life relationships. Often events in the distant past are still influencing our relationships. Becoming aware of the root causes in our prior lives can heal the relationship in the present. Awareness and understanding are powerful healing forces."  

Dr Brian Weiss,

Messages from the Masters


An MP3 recording is made of the session for you to take away with you. With every playback you get to discover even more about YOU. 

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