So what really is Hypnosis?

It is a special way of using naturally occuring psychological and physiological states where you allow yourself to follow me, the therapist's guidance by using your imagination to evoke positive emotions and rehearse behaviours. The so-called "hypnotic trance" that I help you to go into is an increased ability to respond to positive suggestions. It is "the focused attention on a dominant idea".  It is definitely not a state of sleep or unconsciousness, nor a state of mind control as stage hypnotists may lead you to believe. In fact, normally you must want to accept suggested ideas and actively imagine responding in order to experience the effects of hypnosis. You will always be in control and you will never get "stuck" in hypnosis. 

Anyone can be hypnotised and it's as easy as daydreaming. If you believe or just imagine that you are in hypnosis, then you are in hypnosis! You are in hypnosis during the day without even realising it. Have you have ever sat in front of the TV or computer and become completely immersed in what's happening on the screen? Whatever you are watching and listening to is subtley making suggestions to you as to how you should think and behave, affecting the way you feel. You watch an advert and you become convinced that you want to buy the product you have just seen promoted. "Tata!"...This is all suggestion - you have been hypnotized without even realising it!And you may have thought that the hypnotherapist controls your mind?!

How can Hypnosis actually help you?

Like watching TV, you are influenced by other experiences without realising it - growing up, at work, being with friends in social scenarios etc, picking up and developing patterns and habits of behaviour, with certain thoughts leading to feeling a certain way. Then one day you realise that these patterns are not working for you - You know that you you are not feeling happy and you want that to change. Hypnosis helps you to change the way you think and behave because it helps you to access your belief system, buried in your 'subconscious' mind. Your 'subconscious' is like the operating system of a computer - it makes you function in a certain way. If you change the operating system, the computer works in a different way. So if you change your 'subconscious' programming - your belief system, the way you think, behave and feel will be different. Hypnosis is the tool to help you access your 'subconscious' and re-programme it, to the way YOU WANT it to be programmed. YOU take control of your mind!

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