Future Life Progression

Imagine taking your process of discovery even further.
Imagine what it is like to see your FUTURE!

In Future Life Progression (FLP) you can SEE what will be happening in YOUR life and the world around you - "where will I work and live, who will I be in a relationship with, where should I invest?" The questions are endless. Imagine using this insight to make decisions today, saving you weeks, months, years and even lifetimes of confusion and uncertainty.

The session can be just Future Life Progression however, you may wish to also visit the past - with the two techniques interwoven you can get the best outcome for you.


An MP3 recording is made of the session and can be used for exploration in your own time. Coaching and Hypnotherapy sessions can follow up on the initial Session to bring you to a point of success and happiness far beyond what you ever imagined before.

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