Medical Professional, Female, Depression

"Hanna helped me a year ago at a particularly difficult time in my life. Her support was immense with hypnotherapy. Her patience, commitment, understanding, calm and relaxing voice left me in a very different place"


Entrepreneur, Female  -  Is my next idea the right business for me?

"I can't believe it, this is incredible - Not only have I stopped worrying about whether my next project is the right one, I have saved myself YEARS by not going down the wrong path. My success has been brought forward by 2 years. If you have an idea and want to know if its the right path for you to follow, do FLP (Future Life Progression) with Hanna. It's revolutionary!"


Business Professional, Female

After Past Life Regression - ​"I am more aware of what is determining my behaviour and I feel I am overcoming some blockages"


Counsellor, Female

"Thank you so much for helping me on my journey. The Past Life Regression has helped me to understand and become aware of my insecurities of today. It was totally unexpected and I know now where I have to work to change. The Future Life Progression has given me the tools to change"


Management Consultant, Male

"A patient and skillful facilitator who was able to to identify the issues that I was dealing with, also skillfully guiding me through the session...I now have a better awareness of the issues affecting my current life, and a conscious decision to accept them,  incorporating a few lessons learnt from the session"


PR Consultant, Female - Mild depression

"Thank you for the wonderful healing work that you performed with me. Although it was for a brief time, it did help tremendously"


IT Consulant, Female - Relationship issues

"Hanna just led me in a nice and gentle way to where I needed to be. The benefits I am experiencing from the PLR session are that I can understand and know what I have to do to change in my life. I can accept everything in my life in a calm way"


Business Manager - Female

"Picturing myself in the future was a new experience for me. It helps a lot to visualize and experience your desired future. It helps to focus and to motivate yourself enough to embrace the challenges that will come to go to the next level"


Property Developer - Male, Stomach pains

"I was pleasantly surprised because it was so easy. I feel so much better. Something has gone from my stomach.I definitely don't have that sensation anymore. I feel lighter! Hanna has been very professional with an easy no-nonsense facilitating approach! It's definitely worth the investment"

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