I have always loved Psychology, discovering what makes us “tick” as human beings, asking questions about what brings about success and ultimately what is the purpose of our lives. This has led to a journey of exploration and then focus on learning techniques to help people make the most of their potential, as quickly as possible in the context of their soul’s journey and purpose.

I'm a qualified Cognitive Behaviourial Hypnotherapist and studied at the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, London. I also trained in Past-Life Regression in the USA with the internationally renowned Dr Brian Weiss, and Future Life Progression under the guidance of Anne Jirsch, an Intuitive also with an international following.

I work with a variety of issues and conditions from weight management to confidence building. I specialise and most enjoy working with young people and students, who are particularly vulnerable and haven't necessarily found their place in life yet or are going through the challenges that student life can bring.  Self-esteem issues from confidence and weight issues, exam pressures, identifying career goals and undergoing employment challenges are all part their growing up pains.

Spirituality is also a very influential part of my day to day life and work. Having studied and worked with this for the last 14 years, I incorporate the exploration of past lifes, in Past Life Regression. Increasingly popular is Future Life Progression, taking you on a journey where you speed up time by bringing the future towards you in the present.

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