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​Welcome to the House of Creation -The place where

I can help you to design and live the life that you want. Using a variety of techniques through the power of hypnosis and coaching, and delving into the creative power of your mind, you can clear past and current emotional blockages as well as create an extraordinary present and future for yourself. Clear anxiety, manage stress, transform unhelpful habits and insomnia, heal relationship breakdowns, perform better at work or college, pass exams, overcome phobias - simply make your dreams come true.


Investing in your well-being is a big decision to make. Both in time, effort and money. However, it is evident with my clients, the breakthroughs and transformations can be faster and deeper than you ever imagined because of what you discover about yourself, with the support and guidance from me. And this is the real point – when you understand and experience the power of your mind, extraordinary transformation and change can take place in your life - quickly. Really... and it’s so simple!

​My passion is to help people feel as great as they can be - healthy, fit, full of energy and excitement, living a vibrant and fulfilled life - you deserve it. And, everyone has so much to give with their unique talents and gifts. However, sometimes just a small issue can hold you back. That's where Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression, CBT Hypnosis, CBT and Life Design Coaching along the way can help. At the House of Creation you can isolate just one issue and deal with that, or go through a complete life journey programme:

        1. Clearing your past – this life or previous ones!

        2. Tapping into the future that you want and potentially can have

                       and you don’t even know it yet!

        3. Coach you through the journey from past to future, either short term or

            long term - whatever you may need or desire.

You may already be aware of what is holding you back or causing you some discomfort, or right now you simply cannot not put your finger on it. I can help you to find out that missing link and take you through the process of removing or transforming it.

In an initial 15 minute telephone consultation, I talk through your “issue” and then arrange for your first session – the in-depth consultation. This is usually face-to-face although over Skype is a possible meeting place too. We discuss what is the best way forward for you. – one session, a series of sessions, a package or programme, in the short-term, long-term, tied in with your budget, time availability and commitment.  

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